The HYTORC Repair Service

Because the repair of torque tools requires expertise and original parts, our team of technicians is trained and experienced to take charge of your hydraulic wrenches and torque screwdrivers in the event of operating problems or wear.

They will quickly diagnose the problem and inform you of the work to be done and the parts to be replaced, if necessary, and if it is necessary to recalibrate the defective tool to guarantee its performance once it is back in working order.

HYTORC tools have a long service life and spare parts are available for a long time because the product lines are continued over time and are therefore always up-to-date.

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Repair service - Hytorc Atlantique

Our HYTORC repair workshop

Our agency is based near Bordeaux and can handle any tools you may drop off or ship to us. In this way, you can discuss directly in French with the Technician who took charge of your equipment to understand the malfunction and prevent it from happening again when possible.

Advanced technology tools with failures related to electronic cards are currently sent back to the factory for better care.

We can provide you with a substitute tool for the time it takes to supply the parts if they are not immediately available.

Our Bordeaux workshop is fully equipped to repair hydraulic torque wrenches L-1]] and torque screwdrivers machines. The workshop can count on the technical support of an Engineer on site in Bordeaux and is in direct contact with the factory for rapid processing of repairs.

These repairs are carried out in compliance with environmental regulations, particularly concerning oil treatment.


Repair - Hytorc

On-site HYTORC repairs

To facilitate the maintenance of your equipment we can come to your premises to carry out repairs or annual maintenance and servicing of your tools in your workshops.

Our Technicians travel with our Van equipped with the necessary equipment and with the spare parts of first necessity to restore all your defective or worn tools.


This allows you to have your hydraulic wrenches, hydraulic pumps or torque wrenches at your disposal as soon as maintenance has been carried out, without any delays or risks associated with transport.


In addition, it’s an opportunity for your teams to discuss with a qualified Technician the use of your tools, their maintenance and servicing throughout the year, as well as any future needs or problems encountered on certain bolted assemblies made.