No reaction arm required!


Compatible with all Hytorc© bolting systems

Reduces the risk of clamping injuries




Validates every tightening and ensures traceability!


Electronic torque setting and adjustment

Automatically controls the forward and reverse cycles of hydraulic spanners




Shock and vibration-free operation!

precise and progressive

Torque accuracy and advanced tightening modes

Clamping without reaction arm or conventional use

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Hytorc France has been the leader in bolting solutions and hydraulic clamping systems for the industry for more than 10 years on the French market

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50 years of experience

in industrial clamping solutions

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Hytorc© : N°1 mondial des systèmes de serrage hydrauliques de qualité optimale pour le secteur industriel depuis 50 ans !

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Layer 3 - Hytorc hytorc © hydraulic pumps
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Simultaneous hydraulic wrench - Hytorc France Simultorc  ® simultaneous parallel clamping by hytorc ©.
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Equipment rental

The customized solution to benefit from HYTORC equipment. Take advantage of our personalized rental packages at very competitive prices.
We can offer you a daily, weekly or monthly rental with an adjustment to the best price according to the duration of the rental.
Our agencies are ready to study for you the most suitable solution: hydraulic wrenches, clamping accessories, hydraulic pumps, pneumatic and electric screwdrivers.

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Find all Hytorc© products everywhere in France thanks to the Hytorc France network

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For all your torque wrench needs, whether for purchase or rental, HYTORC France is at your disposal to advise you and offer you suitable torque wrenches. Any professional looking for an industrial-quality torque wrench will find a controlled tightening solution to suit their needs in the HYTORC France range. HYTORC France’s local contacts and experience in torque tightening are your best assets for accurately tightening or loosening the most problematic nuts and bolts. HYTORC tools are available on a rental basis to give you greater flexibility and responsiveness for your maintenance operations and worksites.

Stealth - Hytorc Atlantic

HYTORC France, a worldwide reference

HYTORC is the global benchmark in the industry, with over 50 years’ experience entirely focused on the development of top-quality clamping systems, manufactured in the USA.
The adventure began in 1968. John K. Junkers saw existing solutions as unsatisfactory. Junkers set out to develop a hydraulically powered torque wrench, which he named HYTORC. As the years went by and new concepts were incorporated into hydraulic torque wrenches, numerous patents were registered, establishing HYTORC as a pioneer and leader in the field.

In the early 80s, the brand arrived in France with the creation of HYTORC France. With the relocation of the company’s headquarters to Mahwah (New Jersey – USA), and above all the introduction of the two emblematic hydraulic wrench models, the MXT and XLCT, 1995 was an important milestone for HYTORC. The MXT and XLCT hydraulic wrench models quickly became best-sellers worldwide.

HYTORC hydraulic torque wrenches are one thing, but tightening must be considered in its entirety.

With this in mind, the company is innovating to offer several solutions. HYTORC equips its hydraulic pumps with 4 channels to promote SIMULTORC simultaneous tightening with several tools to improve the quality and speed of operations. In 1994, HYTORC introduced the HYTORC Clamp Nut, a replacement nut designed to prevent thread wear and surface damage, while ensuring precise pre-tensioning.

The JETYD division was created in 2000. This division is dedicated to nuts and to the development of future technologies such as Loadisc washers in 2004 and, more recently, HYTORC Z Washer in 2014, as simple and economical ways of instantly benefiting from improvements in the safety, speed and precision of tightening operations.

At the same time, the development of hydraulic wrenches continued, with major advances such as the STEALTH, the first wrench with a double-piston cylinder, and the ICE, with its automatic clutch and 3-axis turret.

Finally, to continue innovating in this field, HYTORC has acquired a manufacturer of hydraulic pumps to better master the control part of the hydraulic system, and has thus created the HYTORC Technologies entity, which is now dedicated to the development of pumps for optimal use of hydraulic wrenches.

Key xlct Hytorc Atlantic

“The HYTORC range of tools for professionals

While HYTORC’s origins lie in the design and manufacture of hydraulic wrenches, the many innovations developed around them have led the company to create and develop new tools for tightening HYTORC nuts and HYTORC washers in particular. The HYTORC France range now comprises a number of professional, industrial-quality tightening tools:

Conventional hydraulic torque wrenches compatible with HYTORC nuts and washers (without torque arm)
Battery-powered torque screwdrivers, all compatible with HYTORC nuts and washers (without torque arm)
Pneumatic torque screwdrivers all compatible with HYTORC nuts and washers (without reaction arm)
Digital pneumatic torque screwdrivers all compatible with HYTORC nuts and washers (without reaction arm).
SIMULTORC-compatible conventional and automatic hydraulic pumps



Within HYTORC France, the HYTORC ATLANTIQUE agency based near Bordeaux has been your official representative for the south-western third of France since 2006. We bring the expertise and services of the HYTORC brand directly to you, from Nantes to Marseille. We provide local sales, rental, repair and calibration of HYTORC torque tools. Our teams are also