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Hytorc Atlantique specialist in industrial bolting and clamping solutions

Founded in 1997, Hytorc Alantique is a Hytorc U.S.A. authorized reseller exclusively for the Greater Southwest and South regions. We provide you with the best solutions and advice for your controlled tightening and instantaneous loosening of bolted assemblies.

Our range of tools, recognized and approved in the 5 continents, is the basis of the technical equipment most used by the major industrial groups and companies. Our clamping/bolting solutions are also appreciated by the Engineering and Maintenance teams responsible for the maintenance of the parks and installations of these same industrial groups.

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Hytorc products of excellence

Hytorc is the world’s leading provider of bolting and clamping solutions for industrial sites.

With 50 years of experience entirely dedicated to the development of industrial clamping and bolting systems, Hytorc products are recognized as the highest quality clamping/bolting solutions
and reliable on the market.

From steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, power plants and wind turbines, Hytorc has developed a multitude of tools and solutions for every conceivable industrial clamping/bolting application.

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Safety is a primary value for HYTORC Atlantique, in this context, we offer training on the use of equipment to avoid any incident.
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control and safety

Because our brand is synonymous with quality, HYTORC Atlantic performs each year the calibration and control of the products you send us.
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Customized solutions

Because we know that each application is unique, our design department is at your disposal for all your technical requests. Our engineers research and...
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For more than 20 years, Hytorc Altantique has been assisting and advising numerous companies and industrial groups on their installation problems with clamping/bolting solutions adapted to the technical constraints of each site.

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