HYTORC clamping tools are simple to use but develop very high torque or tension forces.

It is important to master their operation to understand each step of the preparation, tightening or loosening and removal of the tool(s) for each bolt.

With the HYTORC tool manuals you will be able to identify the equipment, configure and adjust it to perform your clamping operation safely.


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HYTORC hydraulic torque wrench manuals

Hydraulic torque wrenches are somewhat unusual clamping tools whose use is simple but not necessarily intuitive for everyone.

That’s why start-up training and user manuals are there to explain how they work and make operators autonomous with these tools very quickly.

It’s obvious that a hydraulic wrench doesn’t work on its own, and that it needs to be powered by a hydraulic pump, so the user manual goes into precise detail about the settings and driving of the pump that controls the tightening with the wrench(s).

All the adjustments to be made on the wrench to correctly position the reaction arm, reconfigure it to switch from tightening to loosening are detailed.

HYTORC Pneumatic Torque Screwdriver Manuals

A pneumatic screwdriver is very simple to use, with a pistol shape and a trigger to control tightening.

The Pneumatic Screwdriver Manual details the change from tightening to loosening direction, as well as torque adjustment, which is done on the screwdriver for the DIGITAL version or from the separate FRL unit for conventional JGUN versions.

As pneumatic tools are supplied with compressed air from a compressor or an external network, the user manual explains the FRL settings to condition the compressed air so as not to prematurely wear out the screwdriver’s pneumatic motor.

Technical manual screwdrivers - Hytorc

HYTORC Electric Torque Screwdriver Manuals

If the HYTORC torque screwdrivers resemble in form more or less to those that everyone can have in their toolbox, the functionalities are much more advanced while maintaining a very intuitive use.

The manual on HYTORC electric screwdrivers enables all advanced tightening modes and restricted access to settings to be set according to permission levels depending on the model.

While the operator can perform all conventional tightening and loosening operations very intuitively with the various buttons and selectors ergonomically arranged on the body of the screwdriver, he will find in the HYTORC manual information for recording tightening data for traceability of tightening operations, for example, or retrieving a tightening setting already pre-recorded in the screwdriver.

HYTORC Hydraulic Pump Manuals

The conventional HYTORC Hydraulic Pumps have no user manual to speak of, as their operation is detailed in the manuals for the hydraulic wrenches they power.

They come with a spare parts manual with hydraulic diagram and oil safety data sheet.

For automatic pumps or pumps with data logging systems and or advanced clamping such as torque and angle or at yield point, a user manual is supplied to explain the set-up and use of these features.