The HYTORC Design Service

As bolted connections are the most common solution for dismountable fasteners, there are an infinite number of tightening situations.

The majority of these can be tightened and loosened with the standard hydraulic wrenches and torque wrenches, as the range of possibilities with the HYTORC tool range has been extended.

In other cases, the tool must be adapted with the design of a custom torque wrench to ensure safe use for the operators and the application while guaranteeing the quality of the tightening.

The realization of the special key consists in the majority of the cases in the change of the reaction arm but other simple modifications allow to treat the particular cases.

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Identification of special tooling requirements

HYTORC has been designing hydraulic torque wrenches for over 50 years, and our range of wrenches is the widest on the market.

Despite this, standard equipment is often complemented by accessories that already exist to achieve tightening and loosening of special fixtures.

So don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if there isn’t already an accessory in stock that could meet your needs.

You can send us sketches, plans, photos and even models of your applications and we’ll study the best possibilities with you from among what already exists or what would be needed.

We’ll be happy to come to your site, look at these particular applications and take measurements if necessary.

Defining a special key

In the ultimate case where you need to design a tool, accessory or part specifically for your application(s), we’ll agree on a specification with the constraints to be met to ensure that the hydraulic wrench or torque wrench fitted fits your need.

We are able to model solution principles rapidly from our Bordeaux agency, which is also in direct contact with the Design Office at the HYTORC factory in the USA for the final design.

3D printing

We can also print 3D prototypes in Bordeaux of these accessories for you to better perceive the rendering of the product or even position it on the bolt in question and validate the proposed design before launching production.


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Most common special designs

Most of the time, a special hydraulic wrench or a custom torque screwdriver is a tool that has retained its standard chassis but with specific external appendages such as the wrenches’ or screwdrivers’ reaction arm, their square drive, the ratchet footprint of eye wrenches or even the hydraulic feed turret that are custom-designed.

There are already a wide variety of reaction arms in stock to suit the environment of the bolts to be tightened, some of which are even adjustable. Similarly, given the diversity of nut or screw head shapes, sockets or ratchets with non-hexagonal profiles are conceivable and sometimes already in stock.


To limit the footprint of square drive tools we can design direct sockets that directly replace the square drive.

For eye wrenches, we can make numerous accessories such as reducers, Male/Female stack sockets or square or special adapters to use them where other tools won’t fit.