We know very well that HYTORC tools are not used in offices and that it is difficult to have always at hand the useful documents to find the adjustment to be carried out or the trick explained during the training. HYTORC remedies this problem by providing its free app on Android and iOs platforms to access all the charts, manuals, main features of the tools as well as videos. Even better, you can chat live with a HYTORC specialist through the integrated chat for real-time advice wherever you are.

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Torque application - Hytorc France
Application - Hytorc France

When to use the HYTORC application?

As soon as you have the slightest question about the characteristics of a tool, its adjustment, its ability to meet your immediate needs or that of your next site, do not hesitate to use theapplication HYTORC which is there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accompany you and advise you.

Where to use the HYTORC application?

Whether you are on a construction site with your boots in the mud, perched on a cherry picker, at the top of a mast or at the other end of the workshop, and you are missing theabacus or you can’t remember how to disengage the wrench, feel free to use the HYTORC app that is there on your smartphone to help you and follows you from your desk to the bolt to be tightened or unlocked.

Application - Hytorc
Torque application - Hytorc

How to use the HYTORC application?

Simply download the application on Android or iOs platforms on your smartphone or tablet and let yourself be guided through the simple and efficient menus to quickly access the desired content on the go or at your desk. Feel free to use the HYTORC application which is the fastest way to access the HYTORC information you need.

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Why use the HYTORC application?

To make sure you don’t forget your tool charts and to be able to guide and answer questions from your operators on the job site, putting all your documentation in your smartphone is the best solution you can have. Feel free to use the HYTORC application which is the most organized HYTORC documentation binder you could build up.

Torque application - Hytorc