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General Questions


What is a torque?

Torque = Force x Length

What is a torque - Hytorc


How is torque determined?

When determining a torque, there are several things to consider:


Hydraulic wrench


What is a hydraulic wrench?

A hydraulic wrench is an adjustable torque wrench that can be used to tighten nuts to a very precise torque (+/- 3%).


How tight should I tighten it?

It all depends on the type of screw application, as well as the constraints related to the application or its environment.


How does a hydraulic wrench work?


How to disengage a hydraulic key?

If the key gets stuck, you can disengage the HYTORC hydraulic keys thanks to the release levers on each side of the key, no need to hit with a hammer!


How do you go from tightening to loosening (and vice versa) for a hydraulic wrench?


What is the operating pressure of a hydraulic wrench?

A wrench is used with a pressure of 700 bars, supplied by the hydraulic pump.


What is the role of a reaction arm?

The reaction arm recovers the clamping force exerted by the wrench.


How do you position a reaction arm?

It must be placed so that the edge of the heel comes to rest on a fixed part of the application.


Hydraulic pumps


Where are the inlets and outlets of a hydraulic pump located?

The inlets and outlets are the male and female connections that you will find on all pumps, there is no precise assembly to respect.


How to adjust the pressure of a hydraulic pump?

You will find on every HYTORC pump a knob to be screwed in to increase the pressure or to be unscrewed to decrease the pressure of the pump.


What is the purpose of the FRL on air-operated pumps?

It is used to oil the air motor of the pump.


What is the air pressure and flow rate required to operate an air pump?

The pressure is between 4 and 6 bars and the required air flow is 950l/minute.


Which power supply for an electric pump?


How to use a pump?




What is the air pressure needed for a pneumatic screwdriver to work properly?

The required air flow is 950l/minute.


How does a screwdriver work?

It is a pneumatic or electric motor that drives a square conductor through a gear reducer


Other products


What is a Clamp Nut?

The HYTORC Clamp is a mechanical pre-tensioning system that is mounted directly on the threaded rod.


What is it for?

The Clamp serves as both a pre-tensioner and a nut and is driven by a hydraulic torque wrench. Moreover, it also cancels the reaction of the latter.