The HYTORC Training Service

A tightening or loosening operation may seem very simple and basic to the outside eye, but hydraulic, electric and pneumatic tightening tools are incredibly powerful for their very compact size.

It is essential that operators are trained to work safely and have sufficient knowledge to avoid damaging the bolted joint by choosing the wrong tool.

There are therefore several levels of training offered, ranging from the start-up of the tools with training of the operators in simple use to theoretical training on tightening in general for pressure vessels, for example, to obtain a good seal on the flanges.

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Training Department - Hytorc

Training in the use of HYTORC Tools

When commissioning new equipment HYTORC a free training is offered. This offers your operators the assurance of using the equipment in the best way with the emphasis on safety. Operators who may already be familiar with other tightening technologies will be trained on several points specific to torque tightening including:

  • The identification of different tools
  • The risk zones of these tools to avoid accidents
  • .

  • The connection procedure between the pump and the wrench, or between the regulator and the screwdriver if applicable
  • Their positioning according to whether the operation consists of tightening or loosening
  • Adjustment so as to have the torque required for tightening or the power needed for unscrewing
  • Some advice if the system seems not to be working to identify the cause, which is often a slightly loose hose connection or the disengagement procedure not being applied
  • Regular equipment maintenance


Hytorc Training

Training on Clamping in General

There are several clamping technologies, each with a different approach and adapted to certain situations.

Because students’ technical training does not cover all these methods, and because a company’s habit often leads to a preference for using the same method, you risk missing out on a suitable, more economical and faster solution…

We are able to introduce you to the various existing technologies in a half-day training course that covers torque and tension clamping with their variations: impact tools, dynamometric torque, torque and angle, yield point clamping, hydraulic tensioning, mechanical tensioning, hot rod tensioning or induction clamping with the advantages and disadvantages of each method and tool and their implementation.

This more theoretical training can take place at our Bordeaux branch or directly at your premises to reach a larger number of people from Maintenance, Design Office, Reliability, Production, Safety, Ergonomics…


Specific training on tightening sealing flanges

Because the subject of sealing flanges is a sensitive one and tightening is often incriminated in failures we can also intervene with your teams for a training dedicated to flange tightening and taking up the points of the ASME PCC-1 standard referenced.

Sealing is all about tightening, but it only unites the 3 elements of flanges, gasket and bolts.

So you need to know how to master these 3 elements to ensure that the bolted sealing assembly performs its sealing function during the pressure vessel or pipe duty cycle.

A la carte training

If you would like us to speak on a particular clamping topic or tool maintenance, we can agree on the training theme and tailor the content to meet your needs and the audience you wish to involve.


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